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QSearchFolders creates search folders and manage existing search folders in all versions of MS Outlook and in each place in an Outlook tree. It makes the automatic scanning of Outlook folder such as email and contacts, tasks, calendars possible independently of where they are put down. Search Folders are a way to gather email messages and other Microsoft Outlook items into a folder based on your search criteria. For example, you want to see all email messages that you have not yet read. The messages can be viewed from but are not stored in Search Folders. Search Folders are virtual folders that contain views of messages that might be in the Inbox and other folders you have created. Search Folders find the messages or data you re looking for, based on their content or some other significant attribute (such as whom they re from or whether you want to follow up). Search Folders are a quick and convenient way to look at collections of e-mail messages based on their content, not their locations. One of the new features of Outlook 2003 are search folders, once created the for example show all your unread messages in all folders or messages matching any criteria. Search folders automatically search the specified folders in the background and update themselves if the data changes. Search folders are a part of MAPI, the data base engine on which Outlook is based and are part of the definition since the first version of MAPI which was introduced about 1995. In other words, all versions of Outlook are able to display search folders, missing is only a user interface which allows creating them. In fact, all versions of Outlook are using search folders in the extended search dialog. The extended search creates a search folder in the non-visible part of the Outlook Folder list and opens a window displaying this folder. QSearchFolders works also with any personal folders files in an Exchange Server 2000 & 2003 environment and with OLfolders for Microsoft Outlook networks.

Systems: Windows

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